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Wimberley, Inc. is located in Charlottesville, Virginia and is owned by David Wimberley and his son Clay. We strive to make high-quality, innovative products and to provide exceptional customer support.

Wimberley, Inc. is known as a a maker of innovative photographic products, particularly tripod heads for big telephoto lenses. David started the business but Clay is the principal designer of the current line of photographic gear. David is at a bit of a disadvantage in the photographic arena because he is not a photographer. On the other hand, he is an amateur machinist and routinely employees his skills as a machinist in the service of the company.

The toolholder arose out of David's frustration with various types of lathe tooling. David had used conventionally sharpened high speed steel bits, brazed carbide bits, carbide insert tooling, and the Diamond Toolholder. As an long time tinkerer, David thought he could come up with a better toolholder. David made and tested many versions of the toolholder. Eventually he settled on the current design and geometry.

Bringing this toolholder from conception to the marketplace has been a labor of love for David. He hopes that the toolholder and the upcoming DVD will make it easier for beginners to understand tool bit geometry, successfully create and maintain their high speed steel cutting edges, and use those edges to create accurate and attractively finished parts. He hopes that professional machinists in nonproduction environments will appreciate the ease of sharpening and cutting performance of the toolholder, as well as its compatibility with quick-change tool posts. He hopes that machinist of all stripes will enjoy the toolholder is much as he does.

Thank you for your interest in our products, and may the swarf be with you.

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